The Top 10 Subscriptions People Usually Use

Online subscription services have become very common today; from TV to internet to newspaper to cloud storage services, and more. It’s easy to sign up for these subscription services, but when you want to unsubscribe from them, it is often not easy at all. Providers usually make their customers jump through multiple hoops to unsubscribe to stop the auto-charging.

In this article, we will point out the 10 most common subscription services people often use and over time provide reviews as well as the best practices on how to use each of these subscription services intelligently to save yourself time and money.

  1. TV Subscription: Most of us are already familiar with this service. It’s the cable TV or Satellite TV subscription many of us subscribe to it each month. Usually this service bundle with internet service to give you a lower cost for your internet connection.
  2. Internet Subscription: Sometimes the internet connection you get from these TV satellite/cable provider is not up to par, thus it’s better to go with an Internet company that specialized in just Internet connection. Although, sometimes it’s cost a little more going this route compared to the Internet service your TV company offers, the speed and reliability of your internet connection will most likely better. Well, what we pay is what we get, right?
  3. Cellphone Subscription: This is the service that almost doesn’t need any explanation. But I explain it anyway just in case some people unclear about it, who happen to come from the country where they used a paid-as-you-go phone card. Anyhow, cellphone subscription service is the phone service you sign up with a phone company like Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprints, etc. You pay a monthly fee and base on the package you choose, you will get an amount of data to use each month. Internet connection is included in your plan with a smartphone, and it is a little higher cost than a regular flip phone.
  4. New Papers Subscription: Most of the newspapers are now online to keep up with the pace of digital news, and when you subscribe as a paid member you can read the newspaper on any of your computing devices wherever you have access to the internet.
  5. Cloud Storage Subscription: Nowadays, people want to have access to their personal data whenever and wherever they are. They also want to share part of those data with others on the go as well; thus cloud storage is becoming the norm in how people use their personal data. This interests big companies to enter the industry such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon to name a few. With the online cloud storage service, you pay a monthly fee and have a remote storage space for your personal data, instead of storing them on your phone or computer which have a higher risk of losing it.
  6. Movie Subscription: Service like Netflix, Amazon, Google Play are the big players providing online movie monthly subscription where you can watch all movies the “buffet style.” Often multiple members of your family can use the same account to watch the movie as well.
  7. Car Wash Subscription: Busy professionals often opt for auto car wash services which you pay a monthly fee and can wash your registered vehicle as many times as they want at any hub with their provider’s wash stands across the state and sometimes country.
  8. Audio Book Subscription: When you sign up for a monthly or annual subscription, you get a number of credits which you can use to buy the digital books you want to read. After you buy the books with the provider you can download their app to load the books and listen to them locally on your phone or other computing devices. After you buy those book, you will have access to those books for life because they are stored on your bookshelf under that account.
  9. Food Delivery Subscription: People have recognized that eating-in is often healthier than eating out. And if the cost of food delivery is almost the same price as eating out, then it makes sense to sign up for food delivery services to eat in. This is the service you sign up where you get foods and/or groceries delivered to your location of choice. Blue Ribbon is one example of such provider.
  10. Digital Marketing Tools Subscription: The group of consumers that use many other online subscriptions besides the 9 listed above is digital marketers. The population of this group is growing strong over the year. All the analytic tracking tools these professional digital marketers use for search engines marketing, social marketing, etc. is number in multiple times those subscriptions of an average person use.

These are 10 most popular subscription types people use nowadays. We will add more to this list when we see a new type of subscriptions become popular among consumers, and will add our reviews as well as the comment for their services.