Stay Connected with Your Free Cloud Storage and Pay Attention to Your Account Security

Cloud storage is fast replacing all the physical storage devices for a key reason that you need not carry a physical device wherever you go. This is the case with people traveling very often. Most executives will have to carry important information with them to all the places that they go. This is where cloud storage comes to their rescue. With the cloud storage free services, it is easy for everyone to store data and access it on the go, provided they have a stable internet connection.

You can have almost all the required information stored in the cloud, which is a sigh of relief whenever you lose data on your computer desktop. You can use this as a place to store all the backup data. Even if your computer crashes, you will still be able to access information from some other computer. You will have to put in the username and password in the relevant fields to gain access to the cloud storage account.

It is advisable to take a backup of your phone as well, since it is not less vulnerable to major hacks and loss of data. The best thing is that these cloud storage services have apps that support backup in mobile phones. Hence, there are relevant apps according to the device that you use. These apps are available irrespective of the platform or computer you work with. All you need is a stable internet connection that lets you upload or download information accordingly.

Some of the cloud storage providers render free services during sign up while some of them charge for the storage space. The ones who charge not the only host for data storage, they have some additional features like better security and many more. Cloud storage free of cost initially, incurs a cost when the user requests more storage space.

Some of the famous storage providers are iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, just cloud, my PC backup and many more. The cloud storage providers should not only host storage space, but also should see that there are no security breaches. They need to be responsible for the security of the data and information the users stored in the cloud.

Cloud storage is a boon for people working in an organization. There might be several documents the employees need to refer to for the job they do, if this information and the data in the document is readily available in the cloud, it will make life easier, letting the employee work more effectively and quickly.

Pay Attention to Your Online Cloud Storage Security
As far as an average user is concerned, there is no need to pay for any cloud storage services, as many tech firms have started to increase the amount of free storage they offer. Experts believe that this plan is meant for gaining more number of users than their competitors do.

Recently, it was reported that some of the old account holders are deleting their accounts and signing up again to the same cloud service to benefit from the best free cloud storage offers that are available only to the new users. However, the not-long-ago hacking attacks on Apple’s iCloud storage servers and the leak of the data have raised quite a few concerns.

Most users are now reluctant to sign up for the best free cloud storage offer they can find. Instead, they are now looking at other options like data security, privacy protection features, encryption technologies, and the likes.

In this light, most of the cloud service providers have already started putting in place strong security measures to their servers, in order to safeguard the cloud data and most importantly, to assuage these data security concerns of the users.

Apple had announced that they would be revamping their iCloud security features to avoid the repeat of such a hacking incident in the future. This incident has now put the technological capabilities of the cloud service providers under the spotlight.

Undoubtedly, Apple is one of the leading computing technologies firms in the world. But, if their cloud storage servers were so easily hacked, what about the cloud storage services provided by the small tech firms, those do not have that many resources.

Until now, these small cloud service firms were able to compete with the big tech firms like Google and Microsoft simply by increasing the free storage space they provide to the users. But, this strategy may not work for them anymore.

According to many tech experts, this new trend of storing your data online will result in an increase in the number of hacking attacks to the cloud storage servers in the upcoming months. Experts assume that this will shake up the online cloud storage market quite a bit and leave out many of the smaller players from the race, which simply lack the technological infrastructure required to guard the data stored online.

So, if you are planning to sign up for a cloud storage account online, go for a service that offers maximum protection for your data. Or else, keep your important files on local hard disks, if you still have faith in the old-school methodologies.