Making Your Cloud Data Safe

These days it’s important to make sure that your data on the cloud is kept safe from unauthorized access. The past year’s news featured several high profile hacks, including that of Apple’s servers. For the common user, data security just might be worth more than getting cloud storage free of premium charges.

As a readily accessible and gratis option, free cloud storage might seem to be the right answer when you’re looking to put away important data meant for later retrieval. The convenience of this doesn’t need to be spelled out, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. But few people, who get cloud storage free of charge, would consider how secure their data is online. For larger concerns like businesses, having vital information fall into the wrong hands could mean disaster.

There are a few things which the user can do to ensure that their data would be hard for others to get to. The first is to set a password which allows for this. A recent study revealed that 9 out of 10 user passwords could be cracked in under 10 seconds. This is because many users tend to set the same passwords for all of their online accounts. It’s definitely not a good idea to do this for, say, your email accounts and your Facebook page. You’d have all of the secure information from the latter flowing into the former, and a hacker who breaches one account automatically gets the keys to the other.

Cloud Data Storage
When using cloud storage free of charge, you need to be aware of the lack of security measures which are set up on premium accounts. Try and sign up for an account which comes with local encryption at the least, so that you have added security for the files you’re putting online.

In such cases, a decryption key would be needed for your data to be accessed, and only the storage provider would have this. The downside of this is that it would take you noticeably longer to upload files, but it’s worth the wait if you can keep them secure.

Have an additional backup ready locally, if that’s possible. You’ll need an alternate retrieval source if your cloud account gets hacked and you lose important files. Multiple storage accounts are another option, but you’d need to make sure these aren’t linked in any way.