Cloud Storage: The Solution to Cut Down In-House Storage Costs

Most of us have our personal data such as documents, photos, music collections, video collections, etc stored on the hard drives of our PCs. The data is safe there as long as the PCs do not have any problems. In scenarios like hardware failure, virus attacks, system failure, theft, etc, we are certain to lose our valuable data unless they are backed up. And these types of undesired incidents and consequent data loss are common these days.  A perfect solution to ensure the safety of our data is using online backup solutions or cloud solutions. To know what is cloud storage, read further.

Cloud Storage Services

Online backup solutions
The online backup solution, more often known as cloud storage, is a perfect and popular solution for in-house data storage. Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular among individual users as well as enterprise users.

What is cloud storage?
If you aren’t familiar with online data storage solutions or cloud storage, you are certainly wondering what is cloud storage. While using a cloud storage service for data backup, a user or enterprise depends on the shared infrastructure offered by the service provider for storing his/her data. Cloud storage is rather cheaper as compared to in-house storage solutions. Here are some of the advantages of cloud storage. Continue reading

Stay Connected with Your Free Cloud Storage and Pay Attention to Your Account Security

Cloud storage is fast replacing all the physical storage devices for a key reason that you need not carry a physical device wherever you go. This is the case with people traveling very often. Most executives will have to carry important information with them to all the places that they go. This is where cloud storage comes to their rescue. With the cloud storage free services, it is easy for everyone to store data and access it on the go, provided they have a stable internet connection.

You can have almost all the required information stored in the cloud, which is a sigh of relief whenever you lose data on your computer desktop. You can use this as a place to store all the backup data. Even if your computer crashes, you will still be able to access information from some other computer. You will have to put in the username and password in the relevant fields to gain access to the cloud storage account.

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The Benefits Of Cloud Storage and Where You can Get for FREE

Advanced Cloud Storage ServicesMost companies use cloud storage services nowadays due to the fact that these provide an advanced, secured and extensive storage option to them. There are numerous cloud computing and storing services available that have various interesting options for the users for both personal as well as professional use.

There are many benefits associated with using cloud computing and storage services. The most noticeable benefit is the minimal cost involved in the maintenance of the service. The equipment involved in this service includes external hard drives or backup tapes. The online storage services help in the reduction of the cost associated with the backup methods. Hence, you will get plenty of storage space for the cloud by paying a low monthly fee.

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Making Your Cloud Data Safe

These days it’s important to make sure that your data on the cloud is kept safe from unauthorized access. The past year’s news featured several high profile hacks, including that of Apple’s servers. For the common user, data security just might be worth more than getting cloud storage free of premium charges.

As a readily accessible and gratis option, free cloud storage might seem to be the right answer when you’re looking to put away important data meant for later retrieval. The convenience of this doesn’t need to be spelled out, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. But few people, who get cloud storage free of charge, would consider how secure their data is online. For larger concerns like businesses, having vital information fall into the wrong hands could mean disaster.

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Apple’s ICloud Drive: A Quick Overview

Cloud Storage optionsMany of the computer users these days prefer cloud storage over the conventional storage media like hard drives and disks. The case is same for the smartphone users also. Apple has been into the cloud business for years and they have a complete document creation and collaboration suite. This suite also features an attached cloud storage service to compete with DropBox, Google Drive and Docs, Microsoft Office and OneDrive.

This is the latest addition from Apple after the iWork for iCloud. Previously, Apple was not much interested in catering to the business buyers, but now the situation has changed a lot. Apple got the idea that cloud services are the future of storage and now they are completely concentrating on delivering these services.

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The Changing Scenario Of Online Data Storage: Cloud Hosting vs Local Hosting

The Changing Scenario Of Online Data Storage: Cloud Hosting vs Local HostingThe popularity of cloud storage is increasing day by day. If enterprises were the major beneficiaries of online cloud storage in the past, today it is used mostly by people for their personal needs. What is cloud storage? In simple terms, cloud storage can be referred to as a solution that enables you to backup and access your data online.

In order to backup your data online, all that you need is a computing device and an internet connection. You can use any of your computing devices; say desktop, smartphone, laptop, tablet or notebook to use as a medium to backup your data online.

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Why Does Cloud Storage Matter So Much These Days

Cloud BackupCloud storage is becoming increasingly popular among laymen, businesses and organizations. What is cloud storage? In fact, anyone who has an email account already uses cloud storage. Cloud storage simply means online storage.

To be more precise, let me give you another example. You are able to read this article because of cloud storage. Yes, this article is saved in the DNS servers of the website where it is published. Similarly, when you use cloud storage to backup your data, your data go straight to the servers of the cloud service provider. Certainly, these servers will be in some distant location that you don’t know about. Some of the reputed cloud storage providers back up the same data in servers located in multiple different locations. Consequently, when the server in a particular location is down or under maintenance, the users won’t face any issue.

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