7 Best Cloud Storage Options for Small Businesses

Why Cloud Storage is a “Must” Nowadays?

Cloud storage has many benefits; the most prevalent one being that it keeps your data safe. Most people need a backup system designed to salvage data or prevent the need thereof. If you’re looking to set up something like that, cloud storage is one of the options you should consider.

Cloud Storage

One of the attractions of cloud storage is that it’s easy to use. The best cloud storage services give you heaps of options while backing up your data. It might take more time uploading all your information to a server online than, say, moving it to an external hard disk for safekeeping. But the online option keeps you leaps ahead in terms of security.

Consider the fact that most or all of the digital information most users own is private. And of course, they want to keep it that way. With a normal storage or backup option, the data is still accessible without authorization. These are sure convenient shortcuts, but they may fail to keep your information safe. Cloud storage gets rid of this concern by encrypting your files. The only person who can access them is you. This is a useful arrangement to have in place, and all the best cloud storage services provide it.

Speaking of useful features, the good cloud storage services also let you access information from multiple devices, by singing into your storage account. This means that you don’t have to be tied down in front of your primary machine to be able to get to your files online. And this information can also be shared with your contacts, either as files or folders. This can be very helpful for someone looking to collaborate with others.

And again, if you do happen to lose the data on your computer due to some reason, there’s always the comfort of knowing that it’s all safe elsewhere. The best cloud storage services provide easy retrieval options, whereby you can recover your data by downloading it from their servers. This might require a good internet connection if you have a lot of information to draw in.

But the advantages over physical storage are overwhelming. Though this method can be used as a substitute backup, you would have to separately encrypt your data to keep it private. Then there’s also the matter of not losing the drive itself. Cloud storage doesn’t bring in any of these problems.

3 Key Factors when Selecting the Best Cloud Storage Services:

When it comes to choosing a cloud service provider, we all have the tendency to opt for the cheapest one that offers the most storage space. However, tech experts would always tell you that a number of other features and factors need to prioritized over costs when it comes to storing data online. It is important that you be aware of these factors before choosing one for yourself or your firm. This way, you would be able to save a lot of time and money that would go wasted if you choose a service provider that doesn’t cater to your requirements aptly.

Cloud Storage Services

Accessibility: Needless to say, an online storage service should be accessible at all times. Going online to find that your data cannot be accessed temporarily would not be desirable. You can check the reliability of any service by knowing how frequently their servers back up users’ data and the redundancy of their storage. Often, it has been observed that cheap cloud storage providers backup user data less frequently and have low redundancy, and hence, these should be avoided if reliability is your top priority.

Workability: In addition to being able to access data anywhere and anytime, you should also be able to work on it with ease. Most cloud storage providers allow you to process and edit popular file types such as Microsoft Office documents, images, videos etc. on their own web platforms. This is particularly important in case you work in an office. If you are hiring the services for a firm, ensure that the provider offers apt flexibility that adapts to your company’s workflow requirements.

Security: This is one factor that has negatively influenced the growth of the online storage industry much, the recent case being the hacking of personal data from many online accounts of celebrities. Concerns regarding security of personal, sensitive and bank-related data have prevented many from opting the online storage services.

A good cloud service would encrypt data not just when it is stored on their network servers, but also when it is being transferred to a remote cloud storage location and also when it is sent and received from the users’ local cache storage. Check the Privacy Policy page of any cloud storage provider’s official page to know more about this.

Most cloud storage providers offer free-trial period with limited storage space, it is a good idea to try them out before opting for their paid services.

Here are 7 Best Cloud Storage Options: 

Technology came with one too many great things, and on top of the list is cloud storage for business. Nowadays, having cloud storage is not just a good idea but a necessity thanks to its efficiency. You no longer have to carry a hard drive everywhere, and neither do you have to stress about your file storage because they will be well stored where no one except you can access so protection and privacy is the last thing you’ll have to ever stress on.

From tablets to desktops you can easily access them using a single sign-on and share at the touch of a button and from the comfort of your home or anywhere. That means business goes on regardless of your location because you can share and forward all the relevant documents with your partners, colleagues and employees. Nevertheless, with the countless cloud apps present in the digital market currently, choosing the best cloud storage can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, you can now relax because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by preparing a list of the top 7 cloud apps in the market with our reviews so you can make an informed decision. Let’s get started.


Google Drive

Google Drive: Cloud Storage Options for Small BusinessOnce upon a time, google drive was just like any other storage. But that was until the company took it a notch higher and combined it with Google docs to make it one of the best cloud storage platforms. Now with only a Google account, you get to enjoy up to 15 GB’s of free storage and an excellent looking office suite. Also, in case your business is a bit big or does a lot of paperwork files which needs top-notch backup, then for only $1.99 you get 100GB or if it’s still not enough then for $9.99 you will get 1TB which is more than enough to back up your documents.

Besides, being spoilt for space, you can also sync any file or folder on your PC with the Backup& sync local application. Ever most of your documents are in Microsoft format, and you are not sure whether Google drive will offer the compatibility that you want? No worries, because through Google’s Chrome extension you not only be able to view but also edit Microsoft word documents.

To make it even better, you can access your files from anywhere as Google drive apps make that possible for Android, Mac OS X, IOS, and Windows. However, one drawback Google Drive currently encountered is no Linux app, and browsing through the various features can be confusing.



Box: Cloud Storage In the ever-changing world of digital business, Box is another appealing cloud app which you should probably give a consideration. With Box, you have up to 10 GB of free online storage space at your disposal. It is also highly flexible, thanks to its various mobile apps such as Blackberry, Android, IOS and even your Windows phone. That means you can download, upload and share your cloud files from anywhere, not to mention that you can also share single files or whole folders using a public link. If you need extra space, you only need to part with $5 in a month or $15 annually to get 100GB. Box platform is also well designed, and you can customize it to suit your business or personality. However, it lacks some essential features offered by other cloud apps on our list.



PCloud: Cloud Storage for Small BusinessThe first time you create an account, you are rewarded with 10GB of free cloud storage which is a good start to test out their platform. Once you join Pcloud offers you a referral link which you can share with your friends on social media or any other platform. Anytime one of them signs up using your link you are rewarded with 1GB. You have up to ten referral links which means if all the people you send the link to joined, you would get 20GB of free storage.

Unfortunately, you cannot protect your files with the free account as it lacks a password which means you have to upgrade to paid cloud storage for business if you want your files secured. For $3.99 you get up to 500GB, and for $7.99 you get 1TB, which is cheaper than those of other providers.

There are clients for IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and the company recently announced that an iPad app is on the way. With Pcloud there are no restrictions to file size which means you can upload anything that you want for your business. One of its most exceptional features is its crypto folder which gives you an opportunity to lock up your confidential files and keep them safe from hackers and even government agencies.



DropBox: Cloud Storage Even though it only has 2GB of free storage, Dropbox offers you flexibility like no other cloud app. For instance, you can quickly retrieve your files and photos from any platform. It comes with apps for almost any kind of device, from desktops to phones. For instance, it has PC apps for Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is easy to set up, and you don’t need to be an IT guru to do that. If you require extra storage, then you still have more options because Dropbox offers you 1TB at the price of $9.99 a month or $99 yearly which is much cheaper. However, not everyone can afford to pay for that price. That is why Dropbox offers unlimited storage at $20 inclusive of tax per month. What’s even better is that you get a 30-day free trial to try it out and see whether it suits you. In a nutshell, if you are looking for flexibility and simplicity then drop box is a perfect fit for your description and will be the best cloud storage for your business. However, you might find it too expensive.


Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft One Drive: Cloud Storage For those who are fans of Microsoft then the Microsoft one drive is for you. Previously known as Sky Drive, this cloud app comes with an array of impressive features which you’ll love. For instance, users have 15GB of free storage space at their disposal which they can increase to 18GB by enabling photo upload. The company goes on to offer a reward of 500 MB if you refer friends. If this doesn’t suit your storage needs, then you still have more options because you can pay 5.99 a month for 5.99 or pay 1.99 for 50GB a month. If that is still not enough for you, then the 5TB for 7.99 option might suit you better.

It has apps for almost all devices from iPhones androids to Mac and smartphone users can now take photos and upload them as cloud files to one drive’s camera roll. Microsoft one drive’s syncing features are just on another level because if you log in into another device, it remembers your email accounts, background themes, social media sites among any other information which you have in your original device. You can also edit files online, and it also allows real-time updates and editing to users whom you’ve granted access. It has a great outlook, and you can’t deny that its functionality is on another level. However, you might find the pricing expensive.



iCloud: Cloud Storage for Small BusinessesIf you are an apple user, chances are that you use or you’ve heard of Icloud. However, if you haven’t, well we are about to let you know why it’s on our best cloud storage list. First of all, it is easy to use, and you don’t have to be a tech guru to use it. For instance, once your download or save a file once, you can view it instantly across all your devices which include Mac and Window Pc’s and even online. It offers 5GB free, and it also has a lost iPhone locator. Another plus for iCloud is that it provides affordable pricing for those who need extra storage. For instance, for only $0.99 a month you get 50GB and for 2.99 a month, you get 200GB and lastly for $9.99 you get 1TB. You can sync your contacts, emails, bookmarks and even calendar to this cloud app not forgetting you can store music, videos, documents, and photos as cloud file and share with your friends and business partners.


Media Fire

Media Fire: Cloud Storage ServiceOnce you set up your account, you instantly get 10 GB for free. To enhance the experience, Media fire makes it possible for you to expand this free storage to 50GB or even more through friend’s referrals and software downloads. With media fire, you can upload files and folders as large as 25 GB and has no bandwidth limits, and non-users can upload documents to your account if you give them access. It has a mobile app for Android and IOS phones almost all devices, and you can import and save files from the web.

If you require more space, you can upgrade to the one terabyte package and say goodbye to storage problems. It is also easy to use and has a high-quality display. Also, it has breakneck upload speeds and is highly affordable. However, it has a few cons such as the lack desktop support and sometimes deletes your data when inactive, so you have to sign in at least once a year to prevent your data from being lost. Maybe this is one of the company’s strategies to keep you active on media share, but when you consider the pros it brings, then it is worth having this cloud storage for business especially if you are tired of popular cloud apps like Google and Microsoft one drive.

Overall, Cloud storage and application are the necessary gear of today’s business world. From small businesses to major government agencies and corporations, cloud apps have proven to be quite efficient as they provide convenience by saving you the headache of having physical storage. They also offer comfort because they can be accessed from a diverse array of devices and also make file transfers a walk in the park. In other words, cloud apps boast an endless list of benefits which is why businesses should embrace them and also go for the best cloud storage apps to reap the full rewards.